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04/23/2013 18:57
Anastasia's Secret by Susanne Dunlap I loved this book, because, although not many people know it, I am a sucker for forbidden romances. This book is about the Roman grand duchess, Anastasia, who falls in love with a guard. The problem in this story is: Anastasia's father, the tsar (ruler) of...
04/23/2013 18:56
After Hello by Lisa Mangum Barnes and summary: Seventeen-year-old Sara’s first trip to New York City, accompanying her father on a business trip, turns into 24 hours she will never forget. An amateur photographer, Sara walks around the city taking pictures; when a boy named Sam wanders...
02/27/2013 20:15
Percy's Dark Secret   Written by fans of Goodreads      Annabeth sighed and pulled her cap tighter over her head. Of course, she knew it wasn't going to make her any more invisible, but she was nervous. Something was wrong with Percy, really wrong. And she was determined to find...
02/04/2013 17:59
01/30/2013 13:38
I just bought Prodigy, the second book in Marie Lu's trilogy, Legend. It is good so far. Hopefully I will be able to finish it in a few days :-) If I do, you will see the review at the top of the Book Reviews page.
12/26/2012 15:34
Now we have 59 books.... more than halfway there!!! Thanks for all y'all and your help!
11/25/2012 15:48
Please take a quick survey using this link: If it doesn't work, copy and paste it into your web browser. Thank you!!!
11/24/2012 08:40
Welcome to Good Book Reviews!!! If you are a reader, you might as well have this website handy because we update it regularly. We have this website simply for book-lovers like you, so you can have tons of titles ready when you need to read! The Homepage The Homepage will have polls, new...
11/24/2012 08:33
Merry Christmas!!! What is a better time to get reading than Christmas time? Take part in the Merry Christmas challenge and read five books that are the right age level by December 24th, 2012. Be a happy reader!!!
11/23/2012 15:45
Help us reach our goal of 100 book reviews by March 31st. Send in requests and suggestions (books you have/haven't read) to the Guestbook. Thank you, and happy reading!!!! Right now we have exactly 30 reviews... almost half-way there!!!  
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