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11/17/2012 11:02
   I read this romance book the other day, so freaking cute. The guy asked the girl to dance and she got the dance of her dreams. Go to the guestbook and comment on your favorite slow song... hope my friends get the dance of their lives!!! Love you guys. My favorite slow...
11/17/2012 11:01
Read the Legend. It is  a very good book. To read it's book review, go to the Book Reviews page. It suprised me in the end-  
11/08/2012 06:11
Just started reading this book! It is really good so far, and when I finish it I will definitely give it a Good Book Review. Thanks and check it out at your local library or stay tuned.
10/31/2012 06:03
As a special Halloween treat, today I will be posting fun Halloween books to read.
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