Fun New Feature!!!!

Website Owner 11/23/2012
Discuss all your favorite books now in our discussion forums!!!! They are lots of fun, and I hope you enjoy it.
Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book to read

abcdmyname 11/18/2012
Have you read the Clockwork Prince?

Comment Noticed:Book to Read

Website Owner 11/18/2012
Hi!!! No, it kinda looked to me like a romance which I am in NO mood to read about right now. If you had any books about dragons in mind, though, I would be happy to read it. Maybe I'll add the book in my "Want to Reads" section. Thank you!!!

Guest book rules

Website owner 11/06/2012
The guest book is for visitors to talk about books that they have read, want to read, or books that were on this site that they liked. Please do not swear or show any profanity in your comments. Act like adults, please. Thanks!!! Happy reading!
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