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New for 2013!!!!

English teachers always want us to write or present a book report. How do we do it so we don't see a big B- on our papers, or perhaps lower? Here are some easy steps to finding a book to read, presenting on a poster, or typing a book report.

Finding the Right Book

  1. Know your genre. If you know you like fantasy, or mystery, or romance, find a book with that genre from your local library or at school. It is easier to know the type of books that you like to read, so you think that reading is fun instead of boring.

  2. Read the back of the book. Usually on the inside cover or the back of the book it will give you a brief synopsis of what the book is like. After reading that, see if you are interested. You can stop here, unless you want to be perfectly sure. Then you can move on to step 3.

  3. Research the book on Google or See if others liked it, and if it was an age apropriate book. If you're still not sure, go ahead and ask us. I have most likely read it already, or posted it on the Book Reviews page.

So now, I have my book. What should I do for presentation?

There are two ways to present a book to your class or club. The first one is very simple, yet, very fun.

  • Bring a copy of the book. Borrow it from your friends, bring your own copy, or one from the library. Either display it, or pass it around to your audience.
  • Choose a favorite scene before hand, and then act it out. Pretend you are the character. Bring props, and even select others from the audience to come help you with it. That way, the audience is having fun, too.

Are you a film lover? Oh, you'll adore this next one.

  • Get a video camera and film a "movie trailer" for the book. Imovie apps for the Iphone and Ipad work beautifully, but if that won't work then just use a regular cam-corder. You can take multiple shots and put them together, or film it all at once. Burn it to a disk, or put it on a flashdrive. Make sure you review it and ask your teacher's permission before you show it to your class. Some things to do before you start-
  • Enlist help. You might need a cast, or possibly a camera man.
  • Write a script. Don't just "wing it"
  • Practice it before filming. See how well what you have scripted works out.

Have fun!!!!

Presenting on a Poster

More coming soon!!!

Of couse, there are other ways to do it, also. You can type it in Word or make a Powerpoint. Take a look at my examples below!!!


I will post examples 1-3 times a month on this page, all unique books and reports. Have fun reading them, and try your own!!!!!


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