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Welcome to Good Book Reviews!!! If you are a reader, you might as well have this website handy because we update it regularly. We have this website simply for book-lovers like you, so you can have tons of titles ready when you need to read!

The Homepage

  • The Homepage will have polls, new things to offer, and news. If you love a good book, our Homepage also offers the Book of the Week, a book so good it is worthy of the spotlight.
  • The Homepage is where you will always come first when you type in this website. Always have a look around before you get to the other pages.

Book Reviews

  • This is the star of our entire website, the whole reason that we offer this website. As of November 2012, we have over 30 books to offer.... with new ones coming in every day!!!!
  • Each book will have a summary. Most are ones that we have written ourselves, but sometimes we use (and credit) other sites like Goodreads.
  • Each book has a photo so you know what to look for when you visit the library.
  • In the next coming months, we will have over 100 different books.
  • Plus: Cautions for bad topics in the books, and other books that might be for you if you liked a certain book.

Book Report Help

  • This is a page that has different ways to write/present a book report, mostly for students and teachers.
  • Colorful, fun examples of book reports (different ones each month)
  • Helpful tips on filming your book report
  • Tips on finding a book you'll be interested in

Want to Reads

  • These are books that we haven't read yet that look interesting. NONE of the stuff on this particular page is original text from those at Good Book Reviews. It will credit the text, so we are not taking credit for it. Just keep that in mind, thank you.
  • Lots of interesting books to choose from
  • Serves the same purpose as the Book Review Page


  • The Guestbook is how you contribute to our website. You can comment on anything, literally, anything!!!
  •  What do we hope you use it for? To comment on new features and challenges, and tell us your favorite books in the whole wide world, and better yet, tell us a book that you found from this website that was interesting!
  • But then again, do what ever you want! The Guestbook is for YOU!!

Author Interviews

  • If we ever interview an author, it will be posted there forever.
  • We do not have any authors that have been interviewed [yet] .



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