Princess of the Midnight Ball

This book review was actually written by me, cuz I have read this one:

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

This book was a beautiful re-telling of the classic tale: The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Rose is a princess that disappears mysteriously at night, enslaved to dance by King  Understone. Galen is a soldier returning from war. When he falls in love with Princess Rose and discovers her secret, he is determined to help her, even though the past few who have tried were cursed and died. He will use an invisible cloak, and defeat the evil king once and for all..... or, at least try. 

Genre: Romance, fiction, fairytale

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Read the back of the book:

Galen is a young soldier returning from war; Rose is one of twelve princesses condemned to dance each night for the King Under Stone. Together Galen and Rose will search for a way to break the curse that forces the princesses to dance at the midnight balls. All they need is one invisibility cloak, a black wool chain knit with enchanted silver needles, and that most critical ingredient of all—true love—to conquer their foes in the dark halls below. But malevolent forces are working against them above ground as well, and as cruel as the King Under Stone has seemed, his wrath is mere irritation compared to the evil that awaits Galen and Rose in the brighter world above.


Princess of the Midnight Ball (Princess #1)